December 2017: IBM introduces IBM Spectrum Protect v8.1.4

IBM® is now adding IBM Spectrum Protect Plus® to its IBM Spectrum Protect Suite®. In addition, IBM Spectrum Protect v8.1.4® delivers exciting new capabilities centered around its Operation Center, its VMware® data protection support, new interfaces for Hyper-V®,  improved management for SAP HANA® backups and a number of currency enhancements. Other enhancement include:
– Restore MS SQL Server® databases to alternate locations via VSS®
– Better VTL data deduplication for SAP backups on Db2®
– Simplified deployments of Spectrum Protect Snapshot for Linux/UNIX
– Better partial file system recovery
– Improved recall performance for Space Management on Windows®
– Microsoft SQL Server 2017® Support
– Support for Windows Server 2016 for Data Protection for VMware
– Support for NetApp ONTAP 9.2®
– Oracle® 12cR2 support for Spectrum Protect Snapshot®
– Linux on Power Little Endian for Space Management on Linux

… for a complete listing of the new functions with descriptions, please refer to IBM’s Announcement Letter and Knowledge Center:

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