September 2017: IBM introduces IBM Spectrum Protect v8.1.3

A major enhancement introduced in IBM Spectrum Protect 8.1.3 is the ability to migrate data from a directory container storage pool to a cloud container storage pool (object storage) based on age. This new “tier to cloud” functionality enables you to leverage high-speed storage for operational recoveries and lower-cost cloud storage for older backups and archives. Previously, data could only be stored directly to cloud container storage pools.

In addition, IBM introduced the IBM Spectrum Protect Suite Cloud Object Storage Tier, which is a new offering that provides lower pricing for data stored in IBM Cloud Object Storage (IBM COS) when used in conjunction with IBM Spectrum Protect Suite (back-end capacity model) licensing.

In Spectrum Protect 8.1.3, IBM also enabled centralized, automated client updates from the Operations Center.

A complete listing of all new functions can be found in announcement letter 217-415:

Announcement Letter

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