September 2016: Introducing IBM Spectrum Protect v7.1.7

Extends IBM Spectrum Protect’s native object storage support to Amazon’s Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3)
Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) cloud storage can now be defined as a target for IBM Spectrum Protect cloud-container pools. Primary and secondary copies of data can be stored in the IBM  Spectrum Protect Server using Amazon S3 object storage. Previously announced support for IBM Spectrum Protect cloud-container pools include IBM Cloud Object Storage (Cleversafe), IBM Softlayer and IBM Spectrum Scale. IBM Spectrum Protect combines its powerful software-defined inline data deduplication and compression with  Amazon S3 to create a cost effective data protection solution.

Optimizes performance for hybrid Clouds
IBM Spectrum Protect Server introduces a temporary cache to move data to IBM Cloud Object Storage (Cleversafe) and Amazon S3 cloud storage. Backup to local storage data is buffered efficiently into disk containers, which are transferred to the Cloud as larger objects. This feature enables more use cases for leveraging cost effective Cloud storage.

Copies data from directory-container pools to tape
Administrators can create a copy of directory-container pools on tape and repair directory-container pool data from this copy. This features lowers infrastructure costs by enabling copies of deduplicated directory-container pools on tape for repairs, compliance, air gap, and for environments with a single backup server.

Introduces predefined cloud-container pools
Administrators can predefine cloud-container pools with policies, restrictions and access rules. This features adds consistency and control for cloud storage to lower administration costs.

Simplifies LDAP (Lightweight directory access protocol) authentication
Authentication management with centralized LDAP integration has been simplified by allowing users and administrators to authenticate with the same user IDs that they use to log on to an Active Directory server. IBM Security Directory Server and Microsoft Active Directory are supported. This feature lowers administration costs by  simplifying user ID management.


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