March 2016: Introducing IBM Spectrum Protect v7.1.5

Extend IBM Spectrum Protect’s native object storage support to IBM Cleversafe’s reliable and scalable storage platform
 Cleversafe object storage can now be used as a target for IBM Spectrum Protect container storage pools. Cleversafe’s object storage delivers the scalability, security, availability and cost efficiency required by your enterprise data protection solution. IBM is combining IBM Spectrum Protect’s powerful software-defined inline data deduplication with the scalability and efficiency of Cleversafe to create an unmatched data protection solution. Previously announced support for IBM Spectrum Protect Cloud Object Storage pools include IBM Softlayer and IBM Spectrum Scale. Cleversafe can now be defined as a target for on premise cloud object storage pools in IBM Spectrum Protect Server.

IBM Spectrum Protect server-side compression for container pools
Add more capacity to IBM Spectrum Protect Container Pools without adding more storage. This is achieved with by a new feature to turn on inline compression for Container Pools using the latest highly efficient compression algorithms. Utilizing data compression in addition to data deduplication allows for further data reduction to minimize storage space requirements and associated storage costs. Initial test have shown negligible resource impact of this compression type. The new compression can be used on both types (Cloud and Directory) of IBM Spectrum Protect Container Pools enabling on premise and Cloud use cases.

Support for Microsoft Exchange Server 2016
IBM Spectrum Protect Snapshot and IBM Spectrum Protect for Mail now support data protection of Microsoft Exchange Server 2016 running on physical or virtual machines. The new platform support allows customers to protect their Microsoft Exchange 2016 environments, increasing system availability and realizing cost savings.
Notes: The Mailbox Restore Browser is not supported when running in an Exchange Server 2016 environment. Granular recoveries of Microsoft Exchange 2016 Databases or Mailboxes are not supported from full Virtual Machine backups.


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