February 2016: Introducing IBM Spectrum Protect Snapshot v4.1.4

Hardware-based snapshot protection for Oracle 12c single-tenant databases
Administrators can set up hardware-based snapshots for Oracle 12c single-tenant databases with optional automated data offload to a Spectrum Protect Server.

Snapshot-based data protection for IBM Spectrum Scale environments
Frequent, non-disruptive data protection leveraging Spectrum Scale snapshots with offload to Spectrum Protect Server. Administrators can set up Spectrum Scale snapshots on the file set level with optional data offload to a Spectrum Protect Server.

Automatic allocation for IBM Spectrum Virtualize FlashCopy target volumes
Administrators can automatically allocate Spectrum Virtualize (formerly known as IBM SAN Volume Controller -SVC) target volumes in UNIX and Linux environments. When configuring Spectrum Virtualize, administrators can define storage pools containing target volumes where the snapshots reside. At run time, when a FlashCopy operation takes place, the required target volumes are dynamically allocated by Spectrum Protect Snapshot. This function increases the administrator’s productivity because there is no requirement to separately configure target volumes.

Integrated Capacity Reporting of snapshots for licensing purposes
Integrated license reporting enables administrators to query the size of snapshots managed by Spectrum Protect Snapshot, which are kept within the local storage array. It can be used for planning purposes and Front-End licensing compliance to minimize administration costs.

New platforms
IBM Spectrum Protect Snapshot 4.1.4 for Linux adds support for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.0 and SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12 SP0.



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